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2nd day in Pittsburgh

2nd day in Pittsburgh


so, it's our 2nd day in Pittsburgh and we are still liking it so far.

I had a late night scope yesterday but it was quite a fun chat with some nice people on it. It still stings when I talk about the whole last summer road trip experience and I did kinda choke a little while talking about it. But it's alright, the wound still feels a little fresh I guess.

since I'm having these few days free from regular duties, I'm catching up on updating my blog here. All I need right now to make my day perfect would be a nice cup of hot coffee β˜•οΈ. 

Its funny that people wonder what do I want from periscope or what am I doing there. To dig deep and talk about it was unusual because it amazes me how many people are actually seeking for 'something' on periscope.

For me, I needed some friends. Liked I mentioned before, I hid myself from the world for many years and it was good. But successful people say you leverage on what you are good at to be successful and one thing I know is or I would like to believe that I'm good at is - connecting with people and be a listener. I am a sincere person and I would be your biggest supporter if you are my friend because that's just how I am. But do not mistaken me for wanting anything more than that or misunderstood that fleeting emotions that you might have felt from talking to me .... I am sincerely just wanting to be nice and care for you as a normal human being.

Anyway, periscope had been going decent. I enjoyed the most part of it. Creepy people come and go but there are those within the viewers that are respectful. Snapchat is still something that I'm not sure yet... maybe I'll try but just the thought of it kinda makes me feel .... eeeekkk... if you understand what I'm trying to say.

ok so, day 2 at Pittsburgh started out awesome. Now I'm stuck in the green room waiting for my daughter. I've had my FaceTime session with my son and husband and it made me smile 😊 Boys are doing well at home πŸ‘

I would love to walk around if the schedule permits but again, forecast shows that it will be raining β˜”οΈ so we shall see... at least I did buy 2 cheesecakes from Cheesecake Factory yesterday and we will be able to enjoy them in the hotel.

one thing that made me wonder all the time: is it so hard to believe that I am not searching for that 'something' that most people think of? Human connection and interaction is what I am searching for. Platonically.

Anyway, we shall see if I'll ever take that leap into Snapchat ... let me know what you think about Snapchat , if I should ... I just feel like I'm too old for that but.... age is just a number right? There goes the conflicting thoughts lol πŸ’­

if there's even anyone that is reading this site lol πŸ˜‚


Me time

Me time

A unique experience

A unique experience