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5 Random Facts About Me

5 Random Facts About Me

I really wanted to say I live an EXTREMELY interesting life but that would be a BIG FAT LIE lol

But honestly, it's not that plain as either. 

Someone once said that I was "eccentric" and at that time I wasn't sure what it meant. I went home and googled up the definition and came to the conclusion that HE meant to say I was 'weird' LOL.

Anyway, just for fun, here are 5 Random Facts about Me.


1. I am not a PINK girl. 
Despite what people generally think about me, I'm not a person that fancy pink color. I DO love PURPLE though. I think its the generalization of girls=princessy pink. On top of that, I was a ballerina for many years which means pink tights, pink leos at the beginning few years while studying RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) & ISTD, pink tutus and all... 




2. I was competing in Chinese Martial Arts at one point in my life. Taiji Sword and Taiji fist.
If you asked how and why? 
I had few injuries due to ballet/ pointe shoes and had a constant back pain. Being stubborn me, I didn't want to get it check till I was done with my ballet examination (I knew the doctor would ask me to stop for a few months and I wasn't going to give up dancing yet at that time)...So I went on and finished my examination and then went to see the doctor.
Of course, he told me to rest for few months. I was pretty much devastated, even though I was prepared for it.
My mom (She was in charge of our Rhythmic Gymnastics judging that time) and had a meeting with all the sports leaders to discuss the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Malaysia and she sat next to this older gentleman who then becomes my Sifu/ Master. 
My mom's intention was to get my brothers into sports. I was in Rhythmic Gymnastics and ballet actively and it took up a lot of my time but my brothers were into computers LOL. So Wushu was meant for them. When we went to visit my master to officially get accepted by him as disciples, he was scanning and testing my brothers for their ability and then took a look at me and said I would be good in Taiji. So I ended up taking lessons as well. 
One thing lead to another, I trained at my master's small little yard and got decent at it. Within a short period of time, I competed locally then nationally. To be fair, I had an advantage because I was already well trained in rhythmic gymnastics and ballet so I was flexible and I also learned fast. 


3. I flew on a plane by myself to see my parents when I was 5.

BUT, my parents did arrange for the airline assistant to guide me throughout the flight. It was about an hour plus of a flight I think. But yea, my parents were in another state and I was flying over to meet up with them. 


4. I met my husband ONLINE.
YUP, I'm one of those examples that online dating somehow worked. I was in NYC and he was in NJ. He's from Slovakia and I'm from Malaysia. Had our first date walking at the Brooklyn Bridge and then the rest was history LOL. 


5. I graduated from Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota. 
What's so special about this? Nothing much other than me coming from a country (Malaysia) that is Summer throughout the year to a State that is famous for a brutal winter season. Even when I first pass through the immigration counter, the officer asked me if I'm sure about going to Minnesota LOL.


So, there you go, 5 random facts about me.

Maybe you will get a glimpse of who I am or maybe not. 

I guess I AM weird/ Eccentric, what do you think?

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