Hello, my name is Wendy Safko.

I’m a Stay at Home Mom and also a Work from Home Mom of two little ones at home. 

I was born in Penang Island in Malaysia - Its the food haven for tourists and locals. Grew up in the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur and came to USA to finish my degree. I'm an introvert although I LOVE performing arts. I guess I love expressing myself on stage because that becomes my escape.

I'm married to a Slovakian so that becomes an interracial marriage that a lot of people are secretly curious about. Whenever we are out and about as a family, some people just couldn't stop themselves from staring -__-" I'm immune to it by now lol.

So you might wonder what to read on my blog....

1.I'm a mom that is NOT a vegetarian but yet would prefer to cook only vegetable - so I will try to provide asian vegetarian recipe here because most of them are in Chinese.

2. I homeschool my kids which means I include teaching them Chinese/Mandarin as well - so I will also provide tips to learn how to speak and maybe write Mandarin.

3. I work as a problem solver for people around me - so I will also give you insights into what I meant by life possibilities.

4. I'm an ex-dancer, ex-rhythmic gymnasts, coach - so I will also include some tips for how to increase your flexibility.

Of course there will be some ramblings here and there but its a personal blog that I hope will be able to bring you closer to me and build a relationship :)

Enjoy and lets get connected!