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10 things that make me really happy

10 things that make me really happy


Stepping into November and I’ve been bombarded with quite a few ‘bad’ news....

Friend’s Family hospitalized, my own family member as well and on top of that, the weather is just so COLD!

But lets not spiral downwards with all these negativity. Here are the 10 things that makes me really HAPPY! You guys should try writing this as well because it definitely cheer things up quite a bit for me.



  1. Wake up with a hot cup of coffee - prepared by my man ;)
    - Every morning when I get up, I know that a BIG MUG of coffee is already prepared for me to sip and I feel loved instantly = HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY MOMMY
    - It also makes me feel that my man appreciates all my hard work and this is his simple gesture to show me that he doesn’t take it for granted.

2. My son comes runing into my room, climbed on to my bed to snuggle with me after waking up.
- ZenTy is the one who wakes up the earliest - EACH & EVERY DAY 😔. He then drags my husband out to the kitchen for breakfast.
- After having his breakfast, he would RUN into our room again and crawled into bed with me….and say “MOMMY!” + snuggles…
- Despite being all groggy and tired, this makes me so happy...

3. Tickling my daughter to wake up
- I don’t know how long will I be able to do this because I think she is stepping into the pre-adolescent stage a little too soon…
- So while I can do that to her and hear her laugh so hard makes me extremely happy.
- its a BONUS when she calls out in her room “ Mommy, can you come into the room to tickle me?"


4. My Pilot G-2 Pens !!!
- I know its strange but this really makes me happy.
- Nothing frustrates me more than needing to write in my planner and having pens that are non-functional. 


5. My “Happy Pills” lol - I actually meant my daily multi-vitamin pills - AM & PM Pills
- I take them daily because it helps me during the morning to kick start my day and at night, the PM pills helps ease me to a good night sleep. 
- I wont try to explain the science behind it but I”ll link video that does. 
- It is really pretty amazing pill because I get the energy and vitamins I needed daily in 2 pills (one in the morning and another at night) without swallowing each individual vitamin pills separately.



6. Tickets to a ballet performance
- I LOVE dance and every time I purchase a ticket to go watch a show with my daughter, it is life a instant recharge to my life.
- my happiness level stays up for the next few weeks because I’m reliving every moment of it through my memory.
- Plus, I get to spend a mother and daughter time without ZenTy disturbing lol

7. My Braun Buffel Long Wallet
- Why? Because it is the one thing that always reminds me of my mom and it is PURPLE! 
- Braun Buffel is not that popular in USA i think. At least not compared to COACH or LV…But trust me, they are good quality products. 
- Plus I love that not everyone knows and uses it. makes me happy that I am Unique.

8. Being able to speak - English, Mandarin, Malay & Hokkien.
- THIS, is the fun part, because I am able to connect with a lot of people and most of the time it becomes a topic that they are curious about. How did I manage to master all these languages.

9. I have 3 countries to call my “HOME”
- Malaysia (where I was born and grew up), USA (where I started my own family) and Slovakia (My husband’s home country)
- My kids will be able to travel to these ‘Home’ and feel accepted by their aunt & uncles etc. 
- Knowing that they have a unique background when they grow up - be unique is what I like.


10. Being able to support my daughter’s interests - Gymnastics, Ballet, Piano and Acting while working from home! 
- Nothing beats this because that all a mom wants - to be able to let their kids live their life to their fullest potential.
-. What she choses to be later in life is HER CHOICE. All I want to do is to give her the ability to explore all the possibilities in life. Not be limited by ANYTHING.



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what are the 10 things that makes you happy!

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