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Mother's Day perfect gift

Mother's Day perfect gift

Every year I struggle to find the best gift for my mom during Mother's Day... 

Malls bombarded us with all the Mothers Day sales and specials , tv ad tries to convince us what is the next best thing for our moms... it is stressful at times like this because I could hardly think straight.  

My heart tells me that I need to dig deep tdown figure out what my mom would really want ... that one thing that would put a smile on her face .... then my heart sinks... 

It wasn't hard to figure out what my mom wants. It's just that ....  

it is not possible at this moment πŸ˜” and I feel guilty. 

my mom would love to see all 3 of us home this summer.  

I tried my best to explain why I couldn't. And why it is not possible for me to travel home with my kids this year. Although they are all legit reasons, I still couldn't help but to feel guilty. 

When did I get to this point where I have to keep pushing off all these just because I wasn't able to afford all 4 air tickets to Malaysia? Why do I have to tell my kids that I'm sorry but it's just not possible to go anywhere this summer? 

i wonder what am I teaching my kids? That life is so hard and it's a constant struggle because we are stuck in this rat race? 🏁  

or that we are just a middle class family and we have so much responsibilities that we cannot afford to take the time and money to go travel? Even to travel to see the grandparents?  isn't that depressing?

I come to realize that every traditional business out there requires you to work so that you earn money πŸ’° . Once you stop working = no income. Unless you are one of thos lucky ones with a big lum sum of retirement Savings. But again, you will eventually run out of savings as well if you pay attention to how our cost of living is increasing each and every year.

in order to be able to deliver a perfect Mother's Day gift next year, I have decided to start working on making changes and start building my leverage income stream. Knowing that 2 or 3 years from now I'll achieve my financial freedom gives me the biggest motivation.

i would love to give my mom this perfect gift next year and I also hope that someday my kids will be able to do the same because they have seen the possibility through their mom that it is doable as long as you stick it out the first year or two . 


A unique experience

A unique experience

Why #Possibility?

Why #Possibility?