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Gearing up for success

Gearing up for success


We all been to that stage where we wanted to make a change, do something different and then somehow we are stuck.  

Feels like there's so much to do, so much to learn and we are not only overwhelmed but also lost. 

Usually at times like this, there's the common two options: a) slowly givIng up or b) just keep moving. 

Let me explore both options for you: 

a) slowly giving up

The keyword here is slowly. I'm emphasizing that because I know we all wanted to persist with our goals and dreams but due to all that emotions mentioned + feeling stuck, we then slowly feel demotivated. Wondering and questioning our initial goals and dreams are even realistic and achievable. *raise your hand if you agree 🙋🏻* 

so each day passed when feeling stuck you also slowly increase your doubt and then eventually you convince yourself it's not achievable. 

then you have option number 2: 

keep moving despite feeling stuck . 

World class motivational speaker Les Brown said  "if you ar going through hell, don't stop and keep moving"


I wouldn't say it's hell when you feel stuck but it's a state where you feel demotivated and feels like everything is just not working ... you need to keep moving. BELIEVE that there's an end to the tunnel.  


Tell yourself that - you will win if you don't quit !  

Trust me - among those confusing and depressing days, a spark would happen, a light bulb will appear and suddenly all the mess will make sense and you'll see that something good is coming.  

It is always easy to say BELIEVE but to really do it takes a lot of practice and reminding.  

Do it each and everyday. 

eventually it will become your second nature. 




I don't read daily news anymore because...

I don't read daily news anymore because...