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Malaysia 1MDB, Yanxi Palace and Vlog

Malaysia 1MDB, Yanxi Palace and Vlog

Yesterday I ‘accidentally’ bought a copy of the “Billion Dollar Whale” from my Amazon Prime Account…

In case you have no clue what this book is about, I’ll brief you a little on this blog. Its about Malaysia and its shameful incident that involves our EX- prime minister, the big businessman, politician, Hollywood and US bank Institute etc.

Sounds unbelievable right? Here’s an honest review from a review on Amazon:

Five MIND-BOGGLING Stars. “Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World“ is a fast-paced, lengthy, globe-trotting investigative book by talented authors Tom Wright and Bradley Hope and the result of 3 years of effort involving hundreds of sources. It is about the mysterious billionaire, entrepreneur, financier, and speculator Jho Low who pulled off astounding financial schemes while spending time in the company of many well known people and in the view of his many associates with an ‘in your face’ flair. This book reads like part-“Wolf of Wall Street” for the visuals of what he was up to and part-ENRON and part-Bernie Madoff-like for his execution of the details of his scams. The description of his Las Vegas birthday party alone, with many well-known personalities and entertainment stars present at his unique venue, is mind-boggling in its daring, execution, and the expense of it all. There are so many widely-known characters involved that the authors give a lengthy “Cast of Characters” in the beginning of the book which includes Low family and many well-heeled associates across the globe, including 13 well-known members of the Hollywood/Entertainment elite, although many are likely associates, not co-conspirators. Watching him make his moves, despite some setbacks, gives insight into the psyche of a determined master manipulator. Highly Recommended. Five FASCINATING Stars.
— Amazon Review - RBSProds

I read so much about it through media and online article - I mean the scandal. How could I not when it involves my beloved country AND it was such a HUGE scale that involves the world. There’s so much to it that leaves everyone wondering - HOW? HOW was all that possible…

So when my friends were grabbing and reading that book and talking about it on Facebook, I just HAD to get a copy as well. The power of influence huh?

My copy will be arriving next week and I can’t wait to read about all the juicy details. Maybe that can be my entertainment during break time when I’m tired of all the work around me. I’m thinking of coffee/tea, snow, and the book = my perfect ME time.

Nowadays a lot fo my friends are chasing after the Chinese Drama - The Story of Yanxi Palace. Its quite an addictive drama, since I don’t really watch TV, I would occasionally watch what others are talking about - again, the power of influence LOL .

If you are interested in trying out some Popular Chinese Historical Drama and you have the time or self control - watch this. You can use the english caption on YouTube if needed

【歡迎訂閱】大劇獨播頻道: 《延禧攻略》7月19日起,在大劇獨播頻道獨家同步更新!每週四至週日北京時間20點更新 ...

Oh, if you have not seen, we did ‘started’ a short video for our family vlog. Its really nothing much but ….its out there on YouTube for now LOL. Check them out and leave a comment would be nice.

We recently moved from New Jersey to Vermont and it surely takes awhile to adjust to the life here in Vermont. We miss our friends and family as well as the close proximity to everything in NJ. Vermont on the other hand offers beautiful nature *breathtaking actually* but everything seems so so far away.

Alright, that’s it for today, until next time <3

Fall in Vermont

Fall in Vermont