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I've been feeling overwhelmed lately, feeling like I've taken up too many responsibilities and I doubt that I can handle them ...

On top of that, all of a sudden, I'm getting adult acne 😞 All these hormonal changes thats happening in my 30s are no fun at all. I was so happy with my clear skin for so many years. I thought I'm finally done with all the acnes... I start to reanalyzing what I've been doing differently that causes it....from drinking too much coffee, not drinking enough water, to eating too much spicy food *my LOVE* and stress.... SO, I'm readjusting my diet & lifestyle habits for now. πŸ˜”

BUT, despite all that I'm pushing myself each day to wake up and make my day productive. 

Have you ever wonder why motivational speeches videos are so popular? Motivational and inspirational pictures and quotes are reshared again and again each day?



It doesn't matter where you are at in your life right now because we all need it. 

When I'm feeling 'meh' these are the few things I do to turn things around.

1. Start your day listening to something motivational.
- there's plenty videos and audios out there that you can play first thing in the morning.
- listen to that instead of all the bad news happening around the world.


2. Make a choice.
- They say "Everything starts with a decision & a choice"
- Make the decision that you will turn your day/mood/emotions around 


3. Take ACTIONS.
- Tackle it little by little.
- Start making small steps/ progress and you WILL change your day.
- example: make your bed. You took a step to make your life better, take charge, refresh your bed. Once you did that, FEEL accomplished! because you accomplished first goal in the morning and from then onwards you will feel motivated.


4. UNDERSTAND that this is life.
- we are all humans. We are unstoppable and we are powerful. We are also humans with emotions.
- It is part of life that we struggle through some days but it is also life that teaches us how to overcome obstacles.


5. Lastly, NOTHING last forever.
- what you feel today will eventually go away.
- Life is ever changing. You don't live forever, you don't stay the same each second. Your emotion, your cells, your thinking evolves all the time.
- So WHY being so hung up on a certain emotion, a certain mistake, a certain moment? When you know it will all pass...
- that is why they say - LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Treasure all your experience, emotions, moments, because it is unique to you and only you at this very second.


To summarize all of it, watch this video and get motivated! 

It applies to ALL OF US...Stay at Home Moms, Momtrepreneur, Entrepreneur, work from home moms, working parents, students, etc.... 

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