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About Friendships...

About Friendships...

I find that the older I get, the harder it is to just 'write' about how you feel (at least on a blog).

Talking to someone becomes very precious and I am picky when it comes to who I share my feelings and thoughts to.


I've been away from my childhood friends for so many years and I miss that connection with someone where you can just sit and talk and laugh about what we use to do when we were in high school. I miss those days when I'm at training with my teammates and we share stories during out of state competitions. I always have the few go to friends that I can just share everything (almost everything lol) honestly and I'm not being judged...

Now, fast forward and I'm in United States for so many years and I've got few friends that are close to me...I don't hang out often but they are the few ppl that I can talk to and I don't mind sharing my time with them when they need me... The 'connection' that I treasure so much. I love that FB and social media will still keep all of us connected but I will also miss the time when we are able to just come out for a cup of coffee and talk. Just know that I appreciate the friendship and support from you all through out the years. *Please do visit*

Alright, I need to stop talking about that.... 

Weather had been up and down these few weeks... One week all sunny and nice the next we got...storm. I've been able to bring ZT out to the park for some fresh air (of course with all the pollen around >.<) and gave him the 'freedom' to run around LOL. It was nice. I'm looking forward for more nature and more fresh air.

Here's some of the snapshots from our sunny day outing to the Mercer Park...

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