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Product Review: Hubble Contact Lenses

Product Review: Hubble Contact Lenses

So, I've got suckered into trying the Hubble Contact Lenses

Well, not really 'suckered' because I was looking for some alternatives to my current contact lenses coz they were really drying up my eyes so frequently (Sometimes I could barely see ANYTHING while driving because it was soooo dry). Oh, and no, I didn't wear it for more than 7 hours when that happens.

Here's the thing about online marketing - even though I know how it works and even though I'm basically in social media/online marketing... the more frequent they appear in front of you, the more you are 'inclined' to purchase it when the needs comes up. In this case, my online search date definitely played an important role in getting 'targeted' as one of the suitable consumer and the Hubble Ad/ Post conveniently appeared in my FB AND Insta feed daily.  Since I am having some problem with my current contact lenses, the thought of trying out their lenses for free for 2 weeks definitely got me signed up.

Basically, I'm just desperate to get my eyes comfortable again.


Hubble is a subscription-based contact lenses company. They are daily disposable lenses (which I'm not used to because I tend to go with monthly). Usually, daily disposables are pricier or maybe it is just my own weird way of interpreting it. AND, this is a big NO NO, but I am also guilty of sometimes using my monthly disposable longer than it is meant for. *Guilty as charged*

 First thing first, you can get their free trial easily as long as you have your prescription or they will help you make an appointment to get one. Free trial but $3 Shipping fee. So, NOT ENTIRELY Free. But, I still think its worth the price to try and maybe, just maybe, you'll love it as well.


Packaging: I don't really care much about packaging but if I do have to comment on it - it is cute. Its different from the regular lenses packaging because of all the bright color they use for the packaging.

1. SUPER thin. This is the very first thing I noticed.My Air Optix Aqua feels much thicker when I compare to the Hubble Lenses.
2. COMFORTABLE & SOFT. I barely feel it in my eyes. I've been using contact lenses for many years since 13 yrs old to be exact and I am used to the feeling of contact lenses in my eyes. But with Hubble, I barely feel it.
3. After disposing the lenses at the end of the day, my eyes felt fine. With my Optix Aqua, my eyes usually feel so dry that it becomes extremely itchy = red eyes. 

Overall, I think its definitely a YES from me. $30 for a month of daily contact lenses supply sure feels much more affordable after trying it out for free. 

BUT I think I might try out other daily disposable lenses before I decide if I want to continue the subscription. 

If you are thinking of giving it a try - click HERE.

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