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5 Things to be prepared if you are in a interracial relationship

5 Things to be prepared if you are in a interracial relationship

Its not uncommon to find couples who are different racially. 

Its a mix of culture, mix of family background, mix of everything.... And it is also pretty common that you'll face certain challenges/ obstacles along the way.

I can only point out what I've experienced and observed so please don't get all upset if its not the case for you.


1. "You've always wanted someone who is not the same race?"
- I get this a lot. Most people assume that I've always find a liking for caucasian. Which in my case was absolutely NOT TRUE. 
When I was young, I was a firm believer that caucasian will never be able to understand my culture or even me. Language wasn't a barrier but I believed that it will be hard to have a deep conversation. I know, it is silly but I was so sure about it that I've never wanted to date non-asians. 
EVERY single relationship before my marriage was Asians. So, to answer you, I was NEVER someone who consciously picked a partner who are non-asians.


2. The extra 'look' you get in the public
- Well, what can I say, the 'look' ranges from curiosity to amused. 
Sometimes, people can't help themselves but to take a second look at both of you because it is 'interesting' in their eyes. They wonder if its genuine, if its possible or if it is even attainable. 
MOST of the time, people just couldn't 'understand' how can two different culture people get together. 
BUT, in our society now, we all know that it is pretty common to fall in love with a person despite what culture or race they are from. 
We are a big melting pot.


3. Rejection or Resistance from your friends/ family members.
THIS comes in many ways, if you are lucky, its subtle....if you are one of the unlucky ones, you get it LOUD and CLEAR. 
Subtle comes in a form of 'joking' example: jokingly comment on how different your partner is from you - They don't mean to hurt you or be so rude, they just can't help it sometimes.
You might also get a straight NO from friends and family members and that will HURT A LOT. But, be patient with them. Most of the time, they come from a place of concern and love. 
How to get through that? TIME. 
OR you might NEVER EVER get an have to be ready to accept that.


4. Your relationship & method of communication is truly unique to you and your partner.
- No ONE interracial marriage/ relationship will be the same as yours. Although we can all understand or be sympathetic with most of the things you have to go through.
You HAVE to be very certain and confident about your partner's character. Listening to too many advices (especially from your friends and family) might make you go crazy. 
Just like any other relationship, you have to trust your own instinct. Even though you might feel like this is a uncommon territory, BELIEVE that you got this, and see that your partner is just another human that you fell in love with.


5.Don't stay together JUST because you want to prove to the whole world that interracial relationships works.
- At the end of the day, we are all just humans. 

We all make mistakes and we all have traits that someone might not be able to accept.
Your happiness IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. So, don't make any decisions based on other people.

The best thing is to prove to the world that YOU know exactly WHAT YOU WANT in your life and that YOUR own HAPPINESS is the priority.

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