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5 Easy Steps to Get Mentally Recharged in the morning

5 Easy Steps to Get Mentally Recharged in the morning

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Are you a SAHM/ WAHM that wakes up every morning still feeling exhausted? 

Or even feel like its such a hard task to get up and get going?

You sit up on your bed and your brain starts thinking about all the things that needs to be done at home, errands that you need to run throughout the day...and then your kid starts calling out to you... asking for breakfast or your newborn is crying upon waking because your baby needs to latch on to you ....

Whats the word to describe that heavy feeling in your chest and you couldn't breathe? 

Over whelmed.

Trust me, I've been through that myself, life is full of responsibilities and when you created your own family with your little ones....its double and triple things to do...
The LAST thing you need every morning is to get all beaten up mentally before your day even started because everything will feel and seem to look EXTRA hard.

So here's the 5 simple steps that you can take to get a better start each day. 

Lets jump into it now.

1. Wake up and give yourself encouragement/ Motivate yourself.
- This is easy to do. While you are still laying on the bed and eyes opened, breathe in and tell yourself that "You are WONDERFUL" and "Today is going to be AWESOME day". If you feel that its still a exhausting day, tell yourself "I will make the best out of my day NO MATTER WHAT because I CAN."

* Fancier version: Find Motivational quotes on Pinterest or Instagram and write it on your post-it notes the night before and stick it on your bathroom mirror so that you read them while you brush your teeth every morning. 

2. WASH your face
- It might sound silly to even put this on the list but there had been days when I was with my newborn baby that I put everyone's need in front of mine and washing my face was forgotten easily. 
- It not only freshens your face but it also forces you to face yourself in the mirror and take care of yourself first. 
- If you have generally dry skin, you can just rinse your face with cold water or even try a mild and hydrating cleanser. 


What works for ME:

* I've found that this Korean brand Innisfree's Olive Oil Cleanser works well for me back then when I have very dry skin due to hormones.
Check them out below

3. Make a good cup of coffee/ tea and HAVE breakfast.
- We all know that it is not easy when you have to juggle with your newborn or getting your kids ready for school etc. BUT, if you make this a priority, you'll find ways. 
- For example, ask your spouse to make you coffee and breakfast. 
- You just need to have a few sip to begin with and at least a few bites before you get everyone else's need attended.

4. Play good music that energizes you
- Easiest way is to search it up on youtube by typing in "Motivational song playlist"
- If you have time, you can always build your own playlist on your YouTube Account.


What works for ME:

I love utilizing Spotify for this step because they have playlist prepared depnding on mood and etc.
My favorite is "Discover Weekly" playlist.

5. Focus on only completing one task at a time.
- We are all supermoms and all of us try to multitask because we feel like we don't have enough time. Every day we have tons to do and 24 hrs just seems ridiculously little time for us.
- BUT, trust me - ONE THING AT A TIME. start with the easiest. You will feel motivated in the end because you started your day being able to complete a task right away and that gives you a good start to conquer the rest on your list,

Hopefully, these easy steps will give you the right start today, tomorrow and whenever you need them. 

Let me know if it helps or comment below to share any other ways that could help us all .


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